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The mud man is a figure, a myth. He is in every one of us – the primal being, always struggling, to live, to stand, to speak; the juggler who keeps throwing when everything falls, the tree that keeps growing whilst everything around sinks.

An intense physical performance that turns towards those existential feelings we often keep distant: solitude of the soul, our terror of falling and the disturbing desire to return back to mud.
Sculptural, sensuous, dark and humorous.



"It is a figure, a myth. A man from elsewhere, from the depth of our collective consciousness. He never stops to trasnform, to transfigure. He is in every of us, our part of mud, the unsympathetic animal, the tree that grows - to the top - when everything sinks, the juggler who throws - to the top - when everything falls and die. It is a struggle to live, a struggle to speak, to adress someone or something before falling. What is seeking here in this circular stage is to mention the things we keep distant most of the time: the solitude, our terror of falling, of unknowing and our disturbing desire to sink in it, as the desire to stand, to stand alone, to attempt to be living here and now."

Luna Rousseau




Duration : 1h
From 8 years old

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